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Clearance Store Cupro Skirt - Sunrise in Italy C Skirt by VIDA VIDA Outlet Exclusive RhA0vYXNFd
Cupro Skirt - Sunrise in Italy C Skirt by VIDA VIDA

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Grow fresh food at home, now!

Niwa is the smart indoor garden for you


Meet Niwa

The fully-automated and connected hydroponic system that lets you grow in your home all year-round

A growing chamber that automatically creates the perfect climate for your plantsbased on theirtype and life-cycle.

Niwareduces the amount of power consumption based on how much natural light that isexposedon your plants.

Niwa knows when to wateryour plants, and will let you know if your tray runs out of water

Asmart system that createsthe perfect environment for your plants, with no use ofpesticides

We’ve gathered all our expertise together to make growing fresh and healthy produce easy in a smart garden system. Imagine taking the knowledge of over 1,000 farmers and putting that in your hands. Welcome to the future of growing.

Hydroponics does not use soil, instead the root system is supported using an inert like rockwool, clay pellets, peat moss, or vermiculite.

Buy Now

In the mood for sweet cherry tomatoes? Exotic strawberries? Niwa's got you covered. Just tell the app what you want to grow, and Niwa will load settings to create the perfect environmentfor your plants.

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Automated, delightful and easy.

Three simple steps to gardening bliss


Download the Niwa app and connect to your unit.


Plant seeds inthe rockwoolsoil-free base.


Choose what you want to grow and monitor your crop.

Grow tomatoes, peppers, chili peppersand strawberries!

Grow peppers, eggplants and other large vegetables.

Growing a salad has never been easier!

"Niwa has the power to revolutionize how a new generation views personal food production."

Claire Braithwaithe

Founder of leading eco-retailer

“The technology is compact enough to fit inside a small apartment and can be controlled with a smartphone.”

The Spoon

New York, USA

"No need for a degree in horticulture to grow plants right in your kitchen."

Fast Company

"Easily one of the most advanced smart planters we've seen so far."

Digital Trends

New York City, USA

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